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PINNAL CE Accelerator Laboratory is one of 10 European Energy Union (EEU) Office of Science laboratories and is operated by GES on behalf of the EEU. Since its opening in 2008, PINNAL CE has been helping create the future. We built the Europe’s longest particle accelerator, discovered some of the fundamental building blocks of matter.

Our top-notch research facilities attract thousands of scientists from all over the world each year. Along with our own staff scientists, they’re working to discover new drugs for healing, new materials for electronics and new ways to produce clean energy and clean up the environment.

PINNAL CE’s revolutionary X-ray laser is revealing intimate details of atoms and chemical reactions and making stop-motion movies of this tiny realm, with the goal of doing the same for living cells. Our scientists are also exploring the cosmos, from the origin of the universe to the nature of dark energy, and developing the smaller, more efficient particle accelerators of the future. As our 8th year unfolds, we’re just getting started.

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